How to Use eBay's File Exchange with Sku Grid


Most frequently asked questions and answers

The process shown in the video is manual. If you want to automate the CSV uploading to eBay, you can use the Sku Grid Chrome Extension.

No. Using the File Exchange option does not use eBay API. You’re simply downloading a CSV file and uploading it to eBay yourself.

Using the manual file exchange, there would be no automated way of doing so. You would have to either add your items in individually or create a CSV file and import them into Sku Grid.

eBay allows you to process only 5,000 records per day. If you need more than that, you would have to contact eBay for an increase in your file exchange upload limit.

You will likely hit your call usage limit quicker than someone with a smaller account. You should look into the WooCommerce or Multi Channel Management (eCom Syndicator) options or call eBay to ask for an increase in your file exchange limit.

No. There is nothing wrong with using eBay’s File Exchange to make revisions to your eBay items. You can read more about eBay’s File Exchange HERE.

You can upload your CSV as much as you like. But remember that your call usage limits apply and if you exceed them, eBay will not process any more changes for the day.

You will likely miss some of the changes that Sku Grid has observed and they would not be included in your CSV as the maximum time you can go back to look for changes is 24 hrs. If this is the case, then in Sku Grid, you should use Batch Options –> Force All Items to Update to push all items to be updated.  Give it about an hour or so.  Then download the File Exchange CSV for changes within the last 24 hrs and make it a point to do it regularly going forward.

When using the manual File Exchange Method, no, your eBay items cannot automatically be relisted.

Not Automatically. But you can force reprice an item as you’re locating it in Sku Grid to fulfill your orders.  That would push the item out with the default quantity.  Depending on when you request and download your File Exchange CSV, the item should be on there so when you upload to eBay, your item will adjust to default quantity after eBay processes the revisions.

Yes, they can. Just be sure that you are using a unique Custom Label on eBay for each variation.

Please see the notice on the File Exchange download page. The first time you download it, the file may be blank. Wait another hour and download it again.  Clicking that download button is a trigger for repricing to start.

Nothing is wrong. Every item does not get updated all of the time.  Sku Grid is only going to send items to CSV that need updating based on supplier changes along with your formulas and settings. If there is no need for a change, then the items will not be on the CSV. Also, please consider the time frame that you are telling Sku Grid to download changes for. It could also be that there were no calculated changes in that time frame and you possibly waited too long to download the file.

If you want all items on your CSV, go to Batch Options –> Force All Items to Update, wait about an hour and then download your File Exchange CSV for changes in the last 24 hrs. Note that force updating items does cost more credits (if you’re on a credit based plan).