How to Use Sku Grid's Chrome Extension to Automate File Exchange Uploads to eBay

Step 1: How to Prepare Your Sku Grid Account for Any of Our Repricing Options

Step 2: How to Use Sku Grid's Chrome Extension to Automatically Sync Your eBay Inventory


Most frequently asked questions and answers

We call this process semi-automated. It’s automated as long as you leave your computer on, chrome browser running, and you remained logged in to eBay. If any of the three are disrupted, the changes would be held and would not resume until you turn everything back on and get logged back into eBay.

No. Using the File Exchange with Chrome Extension option does not use eBay API. The Chrome Extension is grabbing the information from Sku Grid and then simulating uploading the file to eBay’s File Exchange using your existing eBay browser session.

eBay allows you to process only 5,000 records per day. If you need more than that, you would have to contact eBay for an increase in your file exchange upload limit.

You will likely hit your call usage limit quicker than someone with a smaller account. You should look into the WooCommerce or Multi Channel Management (eCom Syndicator) options or call eBay to ask for an increase in your file exchange limit.

No. There is nothing wrong with using eBay’s File Exchange to make revisions to your eBay items. You can read more about eBay’s File Exchange HERE. The Chrome Extension simply automates the process.

The Chrome Extension can check your Sku Grid account for changes as often as every 10 minutes and upload those changes to eBay as often as every 30 minutes. But remember supplier checking and the actual calculation of the changes depends on your Sku Grid checker time.

The changes will not be submitted to eBay’s file exchange for processing until you resume all 3 things mentioned above.  Unfortunately, eBay does time you out of your eBay account after long periods of inactivity and sometimes people have a tendency to shut down browsers or their PC when not in use.  In those cases, your changes should resume once you start back up, but it could mean that you get sales on items that you cannot fulfill in the meantime, so it’s best to try to keep everything running as much as possible.

Be sure to tick the check box in your Chrome Extension settings that says “


Yes, the Chrome Extension can update your sold items to default quantity (assuming they have not been ended). Please note: There is a 1 day lag on updating to default quantity after sales. We have to request the sold items csv from eBay and it is auto-defaulted to download yesterday’s sales and not today’s. So if a sale occurs today, you will not have the item back up to default quantity until tomorrow unless you force reprice the item in Sku Grid.

Yes, you can revise multi variation listings using File Exchange and the Chrome Extension. Just be sure that you have unique Custom Label values on eBay for each variation.

Yes, using the Chrome Extension, you can have your items auto relisted. First it would attempt to revise them, which would return an error because ended items cannot be revised.  Then the next time it reprices, it would send a Relist command through File Exchange and the item will Relist. When it relists, Sku Grid will be updated with the correct Marketplace Item Number (eBay item number) so that it’s tracking the right thing. If you’re using compare item urls, you may need to update those manually, but they do not affect repricing.

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